Check out the newest T3M Acoustic Session featuring Glassgrade, performing Rarities off their self-titled EP

Enjoying what you hear? Go give them a like and check out the full EP over at glassgrade.bandcamp.com OR streaming now on the side of our page!


T3M Artist of the Week: Glassgrade

Located in that section of the country that nobody is sure is Pennsylvania or New Jersey, Glassgrade are a young band looking to make a name for themselves, not trying to reinvent the emo wheel, but instead expanding on it with the stereotypical noodly/twinkly guitar parts but also adding the same type of flare to the bass guitar. Be on the lookout for lots of awesome stuff to come from these young guns and stream their self titled EP on the side of our page.


Check out a sweet new acoustic session from our brothers in Grandview. They do a cover of “Call It Off” by Tegan and Sara!

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T3M Album Review: Braid- No Coast

"Whiskey and crosswords" are the first three words in "Doing Yourself In", the ninth track of Braid’s 2014 release, "No Coast".  A bunch of guys in their late thirties might find some solace, dare I say, even enjoyment in a nice glass of Maker’s and the Chicago Tribune.  It’s fun to think about though, even though the song details a different experience, if the four members of Braid see themselves in that predicament - that is to say, finding a home in the mundane.

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T3M Artist of the Week: Grandview

Grandview are a perfect example of a band that works hard to achieve everything they want. Having only been a band for a few years, the band just completed their first full US tour and booked it mostly themselves (with some help from T3M), a feat that many bands have a difficult time doing. Their blend of emo and indie rock, drawing influences from Brand New, make their music easy to relate to which is their downfall after you closely listen to their lyrics and start sobbing uncontrollably as they hit so close to home that you regret even getting out of bed that day. Their latest masterpiece, Everything Between Paint and a Wall, is streaming on the side of our page and is also available for purchase HERE.

Surprise @prawnmusic set at The Knitting Factory! (at Knitting Factory Brooklyn)

Surprise @prawnmusic set at The Knitting Factory! (at Knitting Factory Brooklyn)


Sunning - “Swiss” Official Music Video Teaser

FULL VIDEO dropping August 1st @ youtube.com/tablethreemedia


Had the pleasure of filming a music video for Sunning's Swiss track, off their split with Haverford, Scout and Kwyjibo.Subscribe to our YouTube channel below and stay posted!http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tablethreemedia

Had the pleasure of filming a music video for Sunning's Swiss track, off their split with HaverfordScout and Kwyjibo.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel below and stay posted!


Your Local DIY Band Probably Isn’t Ready To Tour (Yet)



July 9, 2014
by Brandon Gepfer

Being in a band costs money but honestly, who other than people in bands really care?  

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This is a very good read for you bands that are just starting up.


Feminism, Amirite?

Disclaimer: I am the raging Feminist your Conservative 11th grade U.S. History teacher probably warned you about as he reminisced a time when, “All men created equal,” meant exactly what Thomas Jefferson intended it to mean. 
Feminism definition (Because apparently people still need to have this defined): 
Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes.
"You’re a pretty good drummer for a girl."
"You’re a pretty good guitarist for a girl."
"We appreciate your time, but we think we’re gonna go with *insert name here* because he…fits our style better. Image matters, and we’re looking for all guys to be in our band at the moment."
"Are you buying those sticks for your boyfriend?"
"If you ever want to get with anyone in the ensemble, you should probably play French Horn. Trumpet is kind of a masculine instrument, don’t you think?"
These are all direct quotes that have been said to me at some point or another (some, unfortunately, not too long ago), and make me have that acid-reflux-vomit-in-the-back-of-my-throat feeling just thinking about them, and not just because some were said by men above that age of 35. Some may even say the first 2 were intended as compliments—-and that intention may be true, but if my gender has to become the center of the ring, that is absolutely not okay.
Feminism, as of late (And by that I mean since the 15th Century), has been a hot-bed topic in both mainstream and underground fields, and usually, upon mention, is coincided with an exasperated sigh from at least one other person involved in the conversation as to let you know their stance and high degree of irritation about the topic early on.. These same people will also probably throw out common retorts such as “But men and women are all equal now, it’s not even really an issue anymore,” or “I’m not a feminist I’m a HUMANIST” (As if to outsmart feminism—No disrespect to humanists), “Women don’t get paid the same because they don’t do the same jobs as men,” and even more popularly, the infamous “Not all men,” spiel that’s surfaced recently, to which I say: It may not be all men, but what are you doing about the ones that do act in that manner? To say the least, unfortunately, some of this mentality has worked its way into local scenes across the country and abroad as well. A big part of the controversy—aside from the misuse of the word feminism itself—is the use of “Female-fronted band” vs. “band” and “Female musician” as opposed to just “musician,” and the context in which it lies. 
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T3M Interview: Gulfer

Alex sat down with Canadian math rock/emo band Gulfer and asked them a few questions about what’s going on in their lives and their future plans. Check it out after the jump!

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T3M Artist of the Week: Kittyhawk

These days we see musicians having side projects from their main projects and side projects from their side projects and super groups on the side of their side projects. Singer/guitarist Erik Czaja is one of those people taking up the duties in not only Kittyhawk but also in Dowsing and Pet Symmetry (also featuring Evan Weiss, the side project king) while Mark Jaeschke also takes up guitar duties in Joie De Vivre. What’s fun about Kittyhawk is it’s almost a mixture of sound from all of Erik’s projects and with the added keyboards and lead vocals from the wonderful Kate Grube, Kittyhawk sets themselves apart and assures you that you’ll be dancing with them all night. They’ve recently signed to Count Your Lucky Stars Records so be on the lookout for new material this fall.


It was sad saying goodbye to our friend Tom the other night :(


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